[Binance Smart Chain] Moonpot ($POTS) Reveiw-Win-Win Lottory with interest

Hi,Welcome visit “🇵🇭ALL IN APE Philippines🇵🇭”,I’m Business APE,Today i will share a cool project to you guys.


” No Loss lottery ” is the first idea proposed by the Ethereum project Pool Together (POOL) to achieve everyone win.

The principle is very easy to understand.

The user’s funds are placed in other decentralized finance projects to earn benefit.The benefit becomes a prize pool,and a few LUCKY winners share the prize.

Users who participate in the Win-Win lottery can withdraw their principal investment even if we do not win the prize.

Moonpot is an improved version of “No Loss Lottery”, which adjusts the distribution of the “benefits” generated to retain the “fun” of the lottery and also provider “interest”.

Project Insight

The project was launched on July 20, 2021, and has not yet been logged in the Debank and Defi Station monitoring tools.

According to the official white paper , it was revealed that Moonpot had completed code audits by the well-known security consulting company Certik.

Risk warning: The project audit dashboard and disclosure audit report (pdf) that were not included in Certik’s official website.I asked the MOONPOT Team to figure out a answer. Their response is release public report soon when it done.

Total supply and release pattern

The total Moonpot’s governance token is 1000000 POTS, which is unblocked through by various methods.

  1. Cooperate with Pancakeswap syrup pool to provide CAKE holders.
  2. Cooperation with Safepal Wallet, WHO airdrops to eligible SFP holders (whitelisted users).

Business and Economic model

As an extension of Beefy Finance (BIFI).

A “sub-brand”,it hopes to increase project Total Value Locked (TVL) and users by take advantage of MOONPOT’s Win-Win lottery with interest.

Beefy Finance

The multi-chain yield optimizaer protocol (BSC, Heco, Polygon, Fantom and Avalanche), which was launched in September 2020, has been in operation for nearly a year and no hacking incident has been reported.

The protocol manages the user’s fund scale of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Moonpot team is composed of Beefy Finance core members, plus provides technical support.

The funds of Moonpot users are stored in this beefy’s vault, the prize pool from it also. Beefy Finance’s audit work was completed by Certik, a well-known audit company in the industry (Audit Report, SAFU Ranked 38th).


Moonpot is a Win-Win prize game on Binance Smart Chain powered by Beefy Finance.

Deposit crypto into one of our Moonpots and you automatically gain interest on your assets each day. You are also entered into a weekly prize draw at the same time. Everyone in each pot is in with a chance of winning big-money Moonpot prizes paid out in crypto.

There are currently two “Win-Win Lottery Pot”, namely “Cake Pot” and “Ziggy’s Pot”:


  1. Every week monday,Five Lucky guys share the prize pool fund.
  2. There’s a ten day Fairplay Timelock. If you want to withdraw earlier you’ll pay a 2.5%, or less, Fairness Fee. The fee reduces every second.
  3. Earnings Breakdown:
  • Cake Interest:50%。
  • Cake Moonpot Prize Draw:40%。
  • Ziggy’s Pot Interest:5%。
  • Ziggy’S Prize Draw:5%。

Ziggy’s Pot

  1. Ten lucky winners drawn in the monthly lottery will receive 5% of the income by whole pools on Moonpot, POTS and partnership projects tokens.
  2. There’s a ten day Fairplay Timelock. If you want to withdraw earlier you’ll pay a 2.5%, or less, Fairness Fee. The fee reduces every second.

There are four tokens for the September lottery prize: POTS, CAKE, DODO and BIFI.

Odds of winning

Odds of winning chance depending on how much you deposit in the Moonpot, and how much is in there when the prize draw is held. This is because it’s directly proportional.

For example, if you deposit 100 CAKE into our CAKE Moonpot, and there’s 10,000 CAKE in the entire pot, then your odds are 100/10,000. Which is to say 1 in 100.

Someone in the same pot who deposited 1 CAKE would only have a 1 in 10,000 chance. Whereas a user who deposited 5 CAKE would have a 5/10,000 chance — so 1 in 2,000. And so on.


Someone with 100,000 tickets is therefore statistically more likely to win than someone with just 1 ticket. But the thing is it’s a prize draw. So anyone can win. And winners are picked entirely at random thanks to the smart-contract code and the use of Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) — a provably fair and verifiable source of randomness.

Follow Moonpot

  1. Telegram:https://t.me/moonpotdotcom
  2. Telegram Chinese:https://t.me/moonpot_Chinese
  3. Twitter:https://twitter.com/moonpotdotcom
  4. Discord:https://discord.com/invite/8YquFwfw3N

Final Thoughts

“Gambling business” must be called “House Edge”. It is just a difference in percentage.

However, No Lossl Lottery can exist in blockchain and smart contracts, allowing Not only do users have the opportunity to win draw prizes, but they can also preserve capital and basic interest, which is really cool!

Thank you for reading and Enjoy it.

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