[SafePal] Cypher Seed Board




Corrosion Resistant

Made of premium 304-grade stainless steel.

Fully resistant to water, salt and acid.


The average temperature of house fire is 1500°F/815°C, while the SafePal Cypher melting point is 2548°F/1398°C, protecting your seed against relentless house fire.
If you see another product made of aluminum alloy, be careful! Because the melting point is only 1202°F/650°C. Your seed could melt in the house fire.

Simple To Use

Designed for easy installation and convenient storage.

Compatible with any hardware or software BIP39 wallet

Protect your 12, 18, and 24seed phrase with ultra security.


  • Weight:190g。
  • Size:91 X 58 X 6 mm。
  • Melting Point:304-grade Stainless Steel。
  • Melting Point:2548°F/1398°C。


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